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Get to know me

I love connecting people. I love music.

And my passion is connecting people through music. 

In 2010, I turned my passion into a profession and became a DJ.

Growing up with parents who were vinyl lovers with an extensive collection, I quickly developed a feeling for music and its energy. Over the past decade, I have been blessed to work with hundreds of people and performed in front of several thousands across 15 countries! With the support of a major radio station, I launched their 1st on-Air R&B radio show. The most known artists I worked with are Trey Songz, Lloyd, Kendrick Lamar, Mario, Snap! and others.

I eat, breathe and live music! My work as a DJ is carefully selected and I take pride in it. I allow myself the time and space to prepare, perform and recharge, and above all, to stay inspired and create art. My healthy and athletic lifestyle allows me to flourish and be the best version I can possibly be. This I owe to myself, my clients and audiences!

Throughout my career, I worked 300+ weddings, performed at 250+ clubs across 15 countries and opened for 4 music artists.

Work with me in Chicago and across Illinois, plus the Milwaukee area.


Who I am.

Every single fiber of my being truly believes that all humans are equal. Everyday, I stand up for humanity and equal rights. I do not tolerate any shape or form of discrimination against ethnicity, gender, romantic preferences, religion, nationality, age, social background or anything else. 


If your beliefs do not match with mine, I respectfully ask you to search for another provider while strongly encouraging you to work on loving yourself and others. Winning or losing business to me is not nearly as important as preserving my integrity and positive energy at all times.


My purpose is to serve couples who choose to make their wedding day the best day of their lives and who get married because they both truly love, care for and respect each other. 


My purpose is to serve corporations and businesses who want to give back to their employees and customers by hosting an exciting event. 


My purpose is to serve anyone who celebrates an important day in their lives, may it be a birthday, gender reveal, engagement, reunion, anniversary, the purchase of a home or anything else that makes you proud and excited.


My hope and vision for planet earth is for humans to allow nature to restore, for animal cruelty to end and for every single human to have equal opportunity.


DJ Miss Haze

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